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Our programs start by addressing the most immediate needs of families and individuals and progress to ensure that families have the resources they need to thrive.  The program areas include: Prevention & Stabilization, Family Strengthening, and Opportunity Building.

Prevention & Stabilization
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Stabilize individuals and families through Representative Payee and Emergency Assistance


Works with families with children ages

0-5 to create a safe home environment; provides parent and caregivers with tips for understanding behavioral changes, and to care for their child's health.


Connects families to vital economic services, community resources, and social networks to meet the needs of parents and children.

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A course where families build resources, develop self-sufficiency, and create stability.

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Connects and enrolls families to SNAP benefits to meet food and

nutrition needs.

Prevention & Stabilization
Family Strengthening
Family Strengthening

Provides caregivers and children age

3-5  with an evidence based curriculum, books and other educational materials to prepare children for success in school.

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Offers information and access to resources and referrals for grandparents and other guardians raising children.

Offers education, activities, group meetings, and screenings to support parents and caregivers of children age 0-2 in their role as their child's most important teacher. 


Builds a positive relationship between caregiver and child through weekly classes.

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Supports fathers in building healthy communication, problem solving skills, and co-parenting skills with an emphasis on nurturing, father-focused behavior.

Opportunity Building

Provides Opportunities for individuals to re-enter the workforce through volunteer and subsidized employment

Assists immigrants from all countries with paperwork and accredited representation to become Legal Permanent Residents, attain Visas, and become U.S. citizens. Also offers ESL classes and citizenship test preparation.

Opportunity Building
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