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Home Stability
Prevention and Stabilization

Home Stability

This program stabilizes individuals and families using available emergency funds. It also provides housing counseling and SNAP application assistance. 

Emergency Assistance:

When funds are available, we provide emergency assistance for the following: 

  • Water

  • Gas and Electric

  • Mortgage and Rental assistance

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HUD Housing Counseling Program:

Catholic Charities of Southern Colorado is a HUD-approved Housing Counseling Agency. We currently have two HUD Certified Housing Counselors that specialize in:

  • Foreclosure Prevention

  • Budgeting 

  • Rental topics 

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Apply for Emergency Assistance:

To apply for Emergency Assistance, please follow the steps below:

1.  Call our office at 719-544-4233 to determine your eligibility for assistance.

2.  Review and gather all of the following required documents for the type of assistance you are requesting:


ALL Assistance Applicants

  • Completed Emergency Assistance Application

  • Copy of Applicant's ID

  • Household Income Documents

Rent Assistance

  • Landlord Verification Form (pages 12-13 of Emergency Assistance Application)

  • Eviction Notice or Rental/Lease Agreement in Applicant's name.

  • W-9

Mortgage Assistance

  • Mortgage Statement and Payment Coupon in Applicant's name.

Utility Assistance

  • Current Utility Statement in Applicant's name.

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