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Nurturing Parenting
Family Strengthening

Nurturing Parenting

Nurturing Parenting is a family based parenting education class that help families establish a nurturing way of life and encourages the use of positive parenting techniques.


*Children ages 0-12

Nurturing Parenting provides:

  • Information to strengthen parenting skills

  • Create meaningful, clear family values and rules

  • Build a relationship with your child

  • Opportunity to share questions and hear advice from other parents


Nurturing Parenting Class

16-sessions: Held Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings

Fatherhood Class:

13-sessions: Held Monday or Thursday evenings

Information on important topics:

  1. Learn what to do with frustration

  2. Increase positive discipline skills 

  3. Establish routines

  4. Empathy

Parents and Adolescents Class:

16-sessions: Held Wednesday evenings

Teen Class:

 FREE Meal and Childcare

provided during in-person classes!

16-sessions: Held Friday afternoons


In-person and Zoom Virtual Classes (Temporary)

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