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Parents As Teachers helps Support Family Needs

Over the last month, several families have experienced great successes while participating in our Parents As Teachers program. Many participating families have children that are working on developing stronger communication skills and speaking skills in general. During their program visits our Parent Educators get to observe the children's different levels of communication skills and recommend activities to work on that are specific to each child’s individual needs.

Young boy reading through booklet to practice sounds

One family in particular was very concerned about their child because the child was struggling with repeating simple sounds and making words. The family has been working hard to put the information from our visits into practice during their own family time.

Recently, this family created their own picture book for the child. They made a complete book with cut out pictures of things like, “car”, “dinosaur”, and “book”. In their most recent virtual visit, the child brought the book to the webcam and began to show their Parent Educator the pages of the book. He explained his favorite parts of the book and made the correct sounds for the corresponding pictures.

This showed amazing progress because just a few weeks prior, the child was only able to make grunting sounds and use hand signals. This family has clearly been working consistently on PAT materials with their child, and it is very exciting to see the progress and confidence build in both the child and parents.

Parents As Teachers helps parents understand child development and connects them to free resources to help make the best decisions for their families. Parents As Teachers offers personal visits customized for the needs of each family. To learn more about PAT visit or call 719-568-8633

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