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SafeCare Program Offers Continued Support and Resources

After the SafeCare program is completed, more programs and resources are available to new families to help further education and relationships

“Hello, my name is Jessica. I am 37 years-old and a first time mom to a wonderful 1 year old Miracle Rainbow baby.

When I had my daughter last year (2020), a gentleman came to our room and asked if I would be interested in receiving help from a charitable organization that assisted first time moms. Of course I said yes!

Fast forward about a month, and I received a phone call from Kirsten. Kirsten told me about the SafeCare program and what it could offer me and my family. When we started our Zoom meetings, I was kind of skeptical at first because most of the information is common sense or something I knew.

But, Kirsten made it fun. My daughter and I came to look forward to our Zoom meetings. So much so, that I connected with Kirsten and would even go as far to call her a friend.

"Before SafeCare, I was lost..."

Before SafeCare, I was lost... While some of the information was common sense or stuff I knew, it was still helpful to have as a refresher. Plus, the additional information I gained from the program has helped tremendously. Then, once I completed the program, I was introduced to other programs offered to continue with support and education to better my knowledge and my connection with my daughter. I would highly recommend this program, not just for first time moms, but for foster parents, step parents, and any parent that feels lost or needs a hand.”

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