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A New Chapter for Catholic Charities

“What’s in a name?” Although Shakespeare may have thought names irrelevant, we believe that the name of our organization speaks volumes about who we are and where we serve. Therefore, effective December 1, 2021, Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Pueblo will officially become Catholic Charities of Southern Colorado. We hope that this new name will clarify that this organization has been called to serve 29 counties across the southern part of the state, not just Pueblo County. This new name also sets a goal for us to expand our reach into these counties – a task that will not occur overnight but will come to pass as we build relationships with new partners, funders, and community members.

As part of this name change, we are revamping our logo. We wanted an image that organically expressed growth and reflected the resiliency and ability to grow and flourish that we see in so many of the people we serve as well as in our own organization. We wanted an image that evokes southern Colorado and reflected our uniqueness as a region. We wanted an image that paid homage to our Catholic foundations and connected to the cultural roots of the church here in southern Colorado. We wanted an image that spoke of boldness and vivacity.

The wild rose, which can be found in the plains and in the mountains, became the logical base of our new logo. Not only is this flower incredibly resilient and capable of growing in even the harshest of environments, but also it is a symbol of Our Lady of Guadalupe (a widely recognized religious icon commonly associated with social justice and those who are marginalized) and St. Thérèse (our diocesan patron saint, often called “The Little Flower”).

The star in the center of the rose reflects those found on Our Lady’s mantle and signifies the beginning of a new era for the new organization.

The double Cs standing in the place of two petals call forth our organization’s name but also represent the ways in which our staff and our programs are an integral part of the flourishing that we seek to support and bring forth in those we serve.

Finally, the blue-green color of the Cs ties to Our Lady’s mantle while the fuchsia petals mirror the colors we see in wild Coloradan roses.

Altogether, this new logo tells the world how we see ourselves at Catholic Charities of Southern Colorado: a bold organization striving to help individuals, families, and communities across southern Colorado flourish and reach their full potential.

As we start this new chapter, we look forward to having you on this journey with us!

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