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Updated: Nov 17, 2021

How ReHire Can Transform Confidence and Build a Foundation to be successful in thh Community

In July of 2017 ReHire received a referral for a young man from Canon City. Harold “Trey”

Dixon III was a 20-year-old man who needed a job. As we sat to do “Trey’s” intake I was taken with his timid spirit and how unsure of himself he was. He could not look me in the eyes or put his head up to speak. I told him we would start him working immediately at the Canon City ReStore as many hours as they could use him. He started work strong but had trouble answering the phone to help customers, with the help of the director and manager who took the time to work with him he tackled that fear. As his time with the ReStore went on we spoke of college or goals he might have.He was happy with the work he was doing but I kept reminding him this was not a permanent job and he needed to move on soon. In December, another business I had been working with in Canon City said they needed a dishwasher. DiRitos Italian Restaurant had been a placement for another client and so I suggested Trey. Greg Dirito gave Trey a chance and hired him for part time work.

"I was in absolute amazement as the man standing in front of me, his head held high"


Fast forward to March 5, 2021. I went to the ReStore to meet with a new client and saw a tall man walk in front of me. Unsure who it was as he was wearing a mask, I asked Colleen the director and she said, “it’s Trey." I was in absolute amazement as the man standing in front of me, his head held high, spoke to me looking into my face not my shoes, and told me of the plans he has to move into his own apartment. He works 2 jobs, helps Greg DiRito with a new project and has no problem carrying on a conversation. The absolute self confidence he has is evident as he tells you of his plans and this brought a tear to my eye thinking of the first day we met. In 4 short years he is transformed. He has the foundation now to be successful thanks to a community of people who took a chance.

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